Macaulay Honors College Visualizations

This Summer the HDX team had the honor to collaborate with Russell Chun‘s class “Topics in Interactive Journalism: Introduction to Data Science/Data Visualization” at the Macaulay Honors College (CUNY). The class took a hands-on approach to visualizing data, creating a number of interactive visualizations from datasets available on HDX. We have selected a few of those visualizations and made them available on HDX as gallery items. Here is the list:

Trend Towards Equality: Change in Global Gender Gap Index (2006-2013)

by Anila Thomas

Visualization that explores changes in the Global Gender Gap Index from 2006 to 2013 for multiple countries.

The Global Gender Gap Index



Comparison of HIV Rates to Education/Access Indicators (2010)

by Malavika Attur

Visualization that compares HIV rates to various other indicators. It showcases the accessibility to education and resources depending on the country.

Prevalence of HIV, total (% of population aged 15-49)



Communications Access Index

by Brian Wang

Communications Access Index: a global comparison of access to digital communications.

Mobile cellular subscriptions per 100 inhabitants



Country Inflation vs Change in Key Commodity Prices

by Sean Proctor

Data visualization that compares country inflation rates with the change in price of three key commodities.

Global Food Prices Database (WFP)



GDP vs Population Change of 2013

by Samuel Berger

Data visualization that compares GDP growth and population growth in 2013 in Africa and Asia to examine long term stability.

GDP annual growth



Gender Inequality and GDP: Exploring Inequality and Productivity

by Joeleen Moy

Data visualization that explores the relationship between gender inequality as well as education attainment and the productivity of countries.

GII: Gender Inequality Index, value