HDX Ebola Data Services

The HDX team is supporting the Ebola response by offering the following services:

Helping Ebola responders to join HDX

The HDX team can walk new users through how to register and how to create new organizations or become a member of an existing organization. New users can also consult our ‘Getting started’ two-pager or screencasts.

Initial uploading and linking of Ebola data to HDX

If your organization has a large set of files that it wants to move into the HDX system, our team can support the initial movement of this data. We can also create links in HDX to existing google spreadsheets. The organization that shares the data is then responsible for maintaining that data in HDX (updates to the files, etc).

Connecting Ebola data systems to HDX

If your organization has a database that contains Ebola data, our team will provide you with technical support to connect this system to HDX so that data sharing is automated.

If your organization is interested in any of the services above, please send us a brief email to hdx@un.org. We will get back to you immediately.